Public Policy in the Wake of a Tragedy

No Comments 15 December 2012

I don’t understand a War on Drugs but not gun control reform. It is time. 20 children, 8 adults (including the killer) dead today in the mass shooting at the elementary school in Connecticut. The second deadliest school shooting in America. It’s past time. More shooting deaths in Chicago than troops killed in Afghanistan. Well past time.

I frankly agree with the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms: A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

I do not believe that this right ought preclude gun control laws. Surely we will not be able to totally eradicate the kind of evil we witnessed today. Continue Reading


Reality Elections

No Comments 04 November 2012

The 2012 Presidential campaign will end on Tuesday, November 6th. Between now and the time the winner has been declared, media coverage will be fixed upon battleground states and the mysterious “undecided” voter. The victor, according to the political strategists often appearing on major news networks, will be the candidate who can win over voters who are teetering between President Obama and Governor Romney and who can bring home those treasured electoral votes in key swing states.

While the critique has been heavy against liberal and conservative media, I have always found it helpful to hear both sides of any argument. For this reason, I watched the infamous Fox News network Glenn Beck show as well as the similarly infamous MSNBC Countdown With Keith Olbermann show. To be transparent, I detested Beck’s show and was often sorely disappointed with Olbermann’s spinning of the truth. Continue Reading

Economics, Politics

They Don’t Speak For Me

No Comments 18 September 2011

The Republican outcry against President Obama’s proposed tax increased for the wealthiest of Americans shows how completely out of step they are with the vast majority of the working populous they claim to defend. In fact, all the Republicans seek to defend by characterizing the President’s plan as “class warfare” is their own personal bank accounts. Their quick response, with the proposal not yet made public, reminds me of an old saying, “A hit dog will holler.” Continue Reading

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