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On Bipartisanship

No Comments 03 March 2010

“It is compromise that prevents each set of reformers…from crushing the group on the extreme opposite end of the political spectrum…there are few if any issues where all the truth and all the right and all the angels are on one side.” John F. Kennedy

As I have said before, I don’t think we are going to get health care reform done by bipartisanship. Not because I don’t honor the idea of bipartisanship; it is a noble desire, or at least it was at one time in history. I did not vote for one politician to be responsive to my will alone but rather because I hoped they had the capacity to exercise the kind of judgment that is in the best interests of the entire nation. That at times, requires the courage of dissent; the very thing that helped give birth to Protestantism (those “protestors”).  Now I know some may quibble with that last comment saying politics and religion are separate realms. To them I say, “Wake up!” I make this suggestion because it has been my experience that the qualities it takes to question and stand against a religious entity are the some of the same qualities it takes to make unpopular decisions against the perceived wisdom of the constituents one represents. Sometimes the constituency is wrong particularly because we are constituents and not daily engaged in the nuts and bolts of politics. Are politicians answerable to their constituents? Yes. They will pay for their decisions by the power of the constituent vote. Unfortunately, this very reality is more respected by some politicians than the exercise of informed conscience. Indeed, some even lie about representing constituents when they are really only speaking for themselves unconcerned about the preponderance of evidence given them that suggests their position is contrary to national interests.

It seems to me that the intersection between the constituency and one’s conscience is the opportunity to accomplish compromise. This is not always wise nor doable, but where it can be done I think we are made better thereby.

My parents taught me that sometimes you can’t get everything you want. So ladies and gentlemen in Congress, stop irritating us! Be courageous. Do what’s right FOR THE COUNTRY!!!!  It’s not going to be pretty; it’s not going to be bipartisan. It will involve some compromise and you may lose your job as a result. But damn it, take courage! Don’t worry about losing money. You’ll make up for it on the lecture circuit. Ask Sarah Palin.

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Fo’get About It!

No Comments 26 February 2010


Tonight I sat down to a lovely meal of grilled Alaskan Halibut with creamy pineapple sauce, mixed vegetables and wild rice. It was delicious! But I would never have known were it not for the exquisite presentation. Admittedly, I’m a very picky eater. For me, presentation is vital.

Today, President Obama and leaders of both political parties sat down to discuss Health Care Reform. Oh what a presentation! Scandalous and ugly. I’m so tired of this back and forth. Enough already! From the looks of things, from the presentation, it’s obvious there will be no bipartisan agreement over the matter. It’s a noble venture but it ain’t gonna happen.

I hope our President will do the right thing and make Health Care Reform a reality. Campaigned on it; presented it on a pretty plate; it looked so pretty I swallowed it up.

Now, get it done! And do it before I become sick and need to do some political regurgitating.

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Resisting Trichotillomania

No Comments 06 June 2009

trichotillomaniaLately I’ve taken to being a bit more serious about my health, mental and physical.  Mental health has – over the last 9 months – become increasingly important to me.  I am especially given to deep reflection about reducing the “stressers” in my life.  You see, as a child and young adult, I suffered from trichotillomania – I literally pulled out my hair, one strand at a time whenever I was stressed.  Right at the top of my head, I would pull my hair out as I sat for hours contemplating.  Because I wore my hair long back then, it was rather easy for me to cover up my problem.  Wearing my hair short is in some way a means of emotional reckoning as I learned to resolve my problems with courage, and self-acceptance.  

During those trichotillomaniac days, I became an avid reader of the bible.  As pessimistic and depressing as I once found it to be, I have had a change of heart about this scripture found in Ecclesiastes 1:9 – “What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done; there is nothing new under the sun.”   Continue Reading

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