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They Don’t Speak For Me

No Comments 18 September 2011

The Republican outcry against President Obama’s proposed tax increased for the wealthiest of Americans shows how completely out of step they are with the vast majority of the working populous they claim to defend. In fact, all the Republicans seek to defend by characterizing the President’s plan as “class warfare” is their own personal bank accounts. Their quick response, with the proposal not yet made public, reminds me of an old saying, “A hit dog will holler.” Continue Reading

Economics, Politics

Can I Put Some Back?

No Comments 29 July 2008

Today, without notice, hundreds of employees of Bennigans went to work only to find the restaurant closed.  On this same day, a deficit of over 600 billion dollars was projected for the end of this fiscal year.  Okay, businesses collapsing, the government can’t keep the budget out of the red, and the price of most things is on the rise.  Hmmm…..let’s see.  Who’s surprised that businesses are now filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection?  What part of “we can’t pay these high gas prices, the high cost of the war and losing our homes” doesn’t our government and major corporations understand? Continue Reading


Get on Your Scooter and Ride!

No Comments 25 June 2008

This morning I heard several news reports related to the economy.  You have to have your head in the sand not to know something is terribly wrong with the economy in America nowadays.  With gas prices rising, I decided to go shopping Sunday…for a scooter.   I was thinking of buying the scooter for those longer in-city trips.  I want to get one before their invariable price increase. Continue Reading

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