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Gaffes, Misinterpretations and Intentional Offenses

No Comments 02 March 2015

angerAs much as I love Facebook and Twitter I decided to pull back a bit during this season of Lent. Why? Because reading them will invariably lead to me getting angry about some injustice in the world or something said by somebody I don’t know or somebody I wish I didn’t know.

Scrolling through my news feeds and friends’ posts as I sat on the train during my morning commute consumed my thoughts. What the hell is wrong with these people? Why do people say such mean things? Don’t they realize you can’t just say stuff like that without public backlash? Boundless rudeness. Sexism. Racism. Homophobia. Gee thanks. I really needed that dose before starting my day. And…really? You know sometimes people really do make mistakes. Absent sufficient evidence to the contrary, let’s just call it an innocent gaffe and…let it gooooo!!! And other not-so-innocent-people make the mistake of digging in when they are called out on their bigotry. Wrong move. The bloggers will be all over your craziness. Say, “I’m sorry. I was wrong.” and say it right away.

Lent is a time of self-evaluation and penance; a time of preparation for that great day commemorating Christ’s resurrection. It reminds me of my imperfections. This year it moved me to consider how imperfections are regarded in this age where we are all impacted by the virtual soup bowl. Not much is left to the imagination anymore. But don’t get it twisted: reality is not always reality. Reality can be photoshopped; reality can be scripted; reality is a set up of social constructions.

Rather than soak up gaffes, misinterpretations and the language of angry webcam gangsters (aka trolls) sometimes you just gotta lean back and watch the real life dramas unfolding on public transportation.  Selah.

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